Tilpa1Media Release - Cross Border Tourism Promotion

The Mayors and General Managers of the North West New South Wales Councils of Bourke, Cobar Brewarrina and Walgett and South West Queensland Councils of Balonne, Paroo and Bulloo Shires met on Tuesday, 29th May 2018 to gauge the interest in identifying and developing a number of cross border tourism and promotional opportunities.

The Member of Barwon, Kevin Humphries, MP has been supportive of the concept and had been able to coordinate a visit to the area by the New South Wales Minister for Tourism, the Hon. Adam Marshall, MP who was able to attend the meeting along with the General Manager of Destination Country and Outback New South Wales, Rhonda Taylor and The New South Wales Cross Border Commissioner, James McTavish.

The meeting was held at the Back O’ Bourke Exhibition Centre and there was an overwhelming agreement that the Councils should join together to promote the tourism opportunities that exist on both sides of the border. Those present highlighted the fact that the border should not be an impediment to an increased level of cross border collaboration.

Minister Marshall indicated his support of the initiative indicating that it was well overdue and the travelling public are not constrained by borders or lines on maps. He also emphasised that it was important that the towns on both sides of the border work together to develop a tourist product and ensure that the area becomes a destination.

Both Rhonda Taylor and James McTavish were equally supportive noting that a similar initiative was already in place along the Murray. Whilst acknowledging that the Murray area had a much higher population base and was much more closely settled than the area proposed for this initiative there were probably some things that could be readily transferred.

Minister Marshall in his support for the initiative said that he would be meeting with his Queensland counterpart the Hon. Kate Jones MP and would look to gain support at a cross border ministerial level.

All Councils acknowledged the role that they play in tourism activities within their respective areas and as a collective sought to progress the concept. A motion put to the meeting detailing the actions to be undertaken to ensure this progression including: 

• The undertaking of a product audit utilising a template to be developed by Destination Country and Outback NSW detailing what Local Government Area has to offer in the way of tourist facilities and attractions.

The provision of seed funding by each Council of $5,000.00:

• The need to obtain the "buy-in" of all local tourism operators

• Develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) amongst the Councils involved to assist in recognition of the ongoing commitment

• Develop a framework around how the operating entity should be structured with the framework to include a brief strategic plan

• Issue a press release across the area to be covered by the group detailing the plans for the cross-border initiative.

The motion was carried unanimously. 

In the interim the General Manager of Bourke Shire, Ross Earl indicated that Bourke Shire would progress some of the issues to allow the further development of establishing the Cross Border Tourism Promotion Group.

The importance of tourism to the economies of each of the Shires involved was acknowledged and it was important that the concept was progressed as soon as practical, capitalising on the obvious support by all Councils, Minister Marshall and Destination Country and Outback NSW.

The support from Minister Marshall will hopefully be replicated by Minister Jones once she has had the opportunity to gain an overview of what is being proposed.

The concept is being seen as a much needed initiative which should result in increased visitation, the length of visits and importantly considerable economic benefit.  

For further information please contact Council's General Manager, Peter Vlatko on 02 6836 5888 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cobar Miners Heritage park 15 $295,603 TO PRESERVE THE GREAT COBAR HERITAGE CENTRE 

Member for Barwon Kevin Humphries with Minister for Tourism and Major Events Adam Marshall today announced Cobar Shire Council has successfully secured $295,603 in funding as part of the first round of the NSW Government’s $100m Regional Cultural Fund (RCF).

Preservation of the Great Cobar Heritage Centre is one of sixty-eight projects from 12 regions across NSW, sharing in close to $50m in the first round of grants.

The $100 million Regional Cultural Fund is part of the NSW Government’s $1.3 billion Regional Growth Fund which aims to improve not only the economic outcomes but the standard of living and wellbeing of people who call regional NSW home.

Mr Humphries said the Cobar Shire Council will weatherproof the Great Cobar Heritage Centre to preserve it and its wonderful collection of exhibits and artefacts.

“The building needs a chemical damp course to stop rising damp and salinity and a new roof, windows and doors to stop water and dust entering and reduce pest incursions.

“The weatherproofed centre will allow better use of existing space including increased exhibition space, improved safety and a more comfortable experience for visitors.

“This is a fabulous outcome for Cobar, and I know this project will be a great deal of joy to the community and its visitors,” Mr Humphries said.

“The Regional Cultural Fund is all about supporting projects – whether they be big or small – that will enhance the cultural richness and vibrancy of our regional communities.

“This has been a great win for and great example of the community having a vision to establish a strong cultural identity,” he said.

Mr Marshall said the fund was established to ensure rural and regional NSW received its fair share of arts and cultural infrastructure, no matter where you live.

“Arts and culture is at the heart of every regional community and this first round of funding is evidence that the NSW Government’s commitment to driving growth in arts, screen, culture and heritage in regional NSW is making a difference,” Mr Marshall said.

“This fund is all about building on our regional rich arts and culture offering, and enhancing it – not only for those living in country areas, but for those who’ll flock to those towns as visitors, keen for a unique arts and cultural experience.”

Applications will soon be invited for the next round of funding through the scheme.

Further information about the RCF is available at:

www.nsw.gov.au/regionalculturalfund or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding the above matters please feel free to contact Council on 6836 5888.

C 039Cobar Shire Council - Projects Update

Council has been busy progressing a number of projects designed to make Cobar an even better place to live and do business. With rates income of only $3.8 million, we need to work together with government and the community to undertake major capital works projects.


Drummond Park

$345,00 for an adventure playground (including a new disability spinner provided by LiveBetter) plus seating, BBQ's, pathways and new lighting. Tender to be awarded soon.

Dalton Park

$120,000 to install new equipment and sporting gear, BBQ's, toilet and seating. Quotes received, details being finalised.

Rankin Street Park

$42,000 for new playground equipment and seating. Equipment has been ordered, installation over winter.

Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool

$145,000 for new BBQ's, shade, paths and games. Works will be completed in off season.


Council will received $1.8 million from the NSW Government under the Stronger Country Communities Fund.

Council will be submitting grant applications for these projects:

Major works at the Youthie including a new roof, new kitchen area and welcome desk, new entrance and an outdoor seating area overlooking the skatepark designed to integrate the two areas.

Miners Memorial in Heritage Park - adding to the funds raised by the community to reach the target needed for construction.

Relocate the Girl Guides - it is planned to convert the Council house at Ward Oval to a hall/ meeting room. The design will ensure the building can have a number of uses in the future.

Drummond Park Toilet Block - replacing the existing with new, attractive facilities to solve existing functional issues eg smell.

Mount Hope Hall Toilets - the current toilets are beyond their useful life and are located a long distance from the hall.

Nymagee Accessible Toilet installed at the Nymagee cricket and tennis facility.

Euablaong Hall: Council proposes investing $30,000 to upgrade the playground at the hall.


$50,000 for improvements to the main street, designed to encourage tourists to stop and look around. We're building on Cobar's identify as a mining town with initiatives including a mural and themed bin surrounds. This will add to the improvements already acheived with the garden beds and trees.

By working together we can acheive great things.

These projects are possible due to significant funding from the NSW Government, hard work from Council and the community's support.

 For more information, contact Council on 6836 5888.


Museum at NightDescription: Cobar Shire Council invites suitably qualified companies to submit a tender for Design and Construction of Cobar Truckwash Facility.

Obtaining Documentation: RFT documents may be obtained by registering via the E-Tendering Portal: www.tenderlink.com/cobar If you experience difficulties accessing the website please call the Tenderlink helpdesk on 1800 233 533. There is no fee to download the documents.

Requests for Information Regarding the RFT: via Tenderlink Forum.

Closing Date and Time: RFT closes at 10:00am on 10 May 2018.

Lodgement: Submissions should be lodged in the Electronic Tender Box on this website: www.tenderlink.com/cobar by the time and date nominated.

Canvassing of any employees or Cobar Shire Council members or officers involved in the RFT, will disqualify tenderers from this RFT process.



Swimming Pool Splash ParkPlayground Update:

Cobar Shire Council is currently working towards three playground upgrades - Drummond Park, Dalton Park and Rankin Street playgrounds.

Equipment has been ordered for Rankin Street and will be installed, along with tables and chairs over winter. It takes a couple of months for the equipment to arrive. New softball will also be installed and the natural shade will be utilised. This is a $42,000 project that has been made possible through the NSW Governments Social Housing Improvement Fund.

Quotes are being finalised for Dalton Park. These will determine how many of your ideas we can include in the final project. A fence for the site is likely to cost around $20,000 - and unfortunately our budget won't stretch that far. A final plan will be available in a couple of weeks.

The tender for the design and supply of the Drummond Park playground has been let and we hope to award this tender at the end of April. At this time we will have a better understanding of how long it will take to build the equipment and when the playground will be constructed.

For further information please contact Angela Shepherd on (02) 6836 5832 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.