Tilpa1Media Release - Cross Border Tourism Promotion

The Mayors and General Managers of the North West New South Wales Councils of Bourke, Cobar Brewarrina and Walgett and South West Queensland Councils of Balonne, Paroo and Bulloo Shires met on Tuesday, 29th May 2018 to gauge the interest in identifying and developing a number of cross border tourism and promotional opportunities.

The Member of Barwon, Kevin Humphries, MP has been supportive of the concept and had been able to coordinate a visit to the area by the New South Wales Minister for Tourism, the Hon. Adam Marshall, MP who was able to attend the meeting along with the General Manager of Destination Country and Outback New South Wales, Rhonda Taylor and The New South Wales Cross Border Commissioner, James McTavish.

The meeting was held at the Back O’ Bourke Exhibition Centre and there was an overwhelming agreement that the Councils should join together to promote the tourism opportunities that exist on both sides of the border. Those present highlighted the fact that the border should not be an impediment to an increased level of cross border collaboration.

Minister Marshall indicated his support of the initiative indicating that it was well overdue and the travelling public are not constrained by borders or lines on maps. He also emphasised that it was important that the towns on both sides of the border work together to develop a tourist product and ensure that the area becomes a destination.

Both Rhonda Taylor and James McTavish were equally supportive noting that a similar initiative was already in place along the Murray. Whilst acknowledging that the Murray area had a much higher population base and was much more closely settled than the area proposed for this initiative there were probably some things that could be readily transferred.

Minister Marshall in his support for the initiative said that he would be meeting with his Queensland counterpart the Hon. Kate Jones MP and would look to gain support at a cross border ministerial level.

All Councils acknowledged the role that they play in tourism activities within their respective areas and as a collective sought to progress the concept. A motion put to the meeting detailing the actions to be undertaken to ensure this progression including: 

• The undertaking of a product audit utilising a template to be developed by Destination Country and Outback NSW detailing what Local Government Area has to offer in the way of tourist facilities and attractions.

The provision of seed funding by each Council of $5,000.00:

• The need to obtain the "buy-in" of all local tourism operators

• Develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) amongst the Councils involved to assist in recognition of the ongoing commitment

• Develop a framework around how the operating entity should be structured with the framework to include a brief strategic plan

• Issue a press release across the area to be covered by the group detailing the plans for the cross-border initiative.

The motion was carried unanimously. 

In the interim the General Manager of Bourke Shire, Ross Earl indicated that Bourke Shire would progress some of the issues to allow the further development of establishing the Cross Border Tourism Promotion Group.

The importance of tourism to the economies of each of the Shires involved was acknowledged and it was important that the concept was progressed as soon as practical, capitalising on the obvious support by all Councils, Minister Marshall and Destination Country and Outback NSW.

The support from Minister Marshall will hopefully be replicated by Minister Jones once she has had the opportunity to gain an overview of what is being proposed.

The concept is being seen as a much needed initiative which should result in increased visitation, the length of visits and importantly considerable economic benefit.  

For further information please contact Council's General Manager, Peter Vlatko on 02 6836 5888 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.