Council's Vision
 Council's Mission
 Council's Values
 Corporate Goals

 Council's Vision

Our vision is for Cobar Shire to be an attractive, healthy and caring environment in which to live, work and play, achieved in partnership with the community through initiative, foresight and leadership.

 Council's Mission

Our Mission is to provide sound and sensible government and ensure that works and services are delivered effectively and equitably to the community of Cobar Shire.

Council will also develop and constantly review its policy on the maintenance of its road network with current priorities to include the sealing of the following strategic roads within the Shire;

  • Ivanhoe Road
  • Louth Road
  • Tilpa Road

 Council's Values

Council has adopted the following Values that should be reflected in how the whole organisation operates and interacts with others:

  • Continually strive for improvement in every aspect of Council’s activities and recognise initiative.
  • All activities are to be customer focused and provide equity for all.
  • Involve the community in decision making through open government and consultative processes. 
  • Foster and promote sustainable ecological and economic development, rural pursuits and industries that contribute to the wealth of the region and in keeping with the environment and residents lifestyle. 
  • Conserve and protect the natural beauty of the area.
  • Promote a spirit of regional cooperation particularly in regard to planning, infrastructure,   economic development, tourism and employment.

 Corporate Goals

Finance and Corporate Services

To provide effective financial planning and reporting to ensure Council remains in a sound financial position, implement revenue policies which provide a fair and equitable distribution of the rate burden and maximise revenue from user charges, regulatory fees and contributions, ensure effective use of information technology throughout all the operations of Council and maintain effective administrative support to fulfill Council’s broad range of services and activities.

Engineering Services

To provide, develop and maintains the Shire’s infrastructure assets in terms of its transport services (roads, pathways, airport), utility services (water, sewerage, drainage) and open space recreation facilities (parks, reserves, sporting ovals, swimming pool) and to provide adequate resources to facilitate emergency service requirements.

Planning and Environmental Services

To promote, develop and maintain the natural and built environment and protect the community from risks to health and safety by properly monitoring buildings, development, food and waste services and facilitating services for a safe, clean healthy and orderly environment which will in turn improve the quality of life for citizens of the Shire and to undertake timely and effective forward planning of the Shire land use and infrastructure requirements.

Aged Services

To provide for the appropriate care of the aged within the Cobar community in a caring and homelike environment.


Cobar Shire Council’s location in far western New South Wales in recent years has led to its development as a regional centre, and Council actively promotes and develops this concept.  The infrastructure development associated with five (5) mining operations has only serviced to compound these pressures. Ongoing mineral exploration and mining is anticipated to further increase.

In addition to the functions normally associated with rural authorities, Cobar Shire Council is also responsible for the operation of the following;

  • Great Cobar Outback Heritage Centre
  • Lilliane Brady Village Nursing Home and Hostel
  • Cobar Youth and Fitness Centre
  • Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool
  • Cobar Shire Library
  • Far West Family Day Care & In Home Care
  • Cobar Outside of School Hours Care

The Shire of Cobar also includes the villages of Euabalong, Euabalong West, Mt Hope, Nymagee, Canbelego and Murrin Bridge.

Council's solicitor is Marsdens Law Group, 49 Dumaresq Street (DX 5107), Campbelltown NSW 2560, Phone: (02) 4626 5077, Fax: (02) 4626 4826.