Week Commencing Monday, 11 February 2019

On Monday it was a pleasure to welcome our new Sargent Power and his family to Cobar. Unfortunately, we are losing Christine Lilly who has been a wonderful asset to our community.

Council have been informed that hoons have broken into Ward Oval over the weekend and have caused significant damage to the oval.

The NSW Government Resources Regulator has invited Council to comment on a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) prepared by Aurelia Metal Ltd for proposed mineral exploration activities in respect of its Great Cobar Project.

Council at its ordinary Council Meeting in February will be considering a report regarding the REF prior to providing formal response to the Resources Regulator. 

Exploration activities in NSW are subject to environmental assessment and approval by the Resources Regulator. The community can now submit their concerns to Council on the Great Cobar Project, the information is available on our Website.

The Cobar Liquor Accord annual general meeting was held yesterday, with the election of new board members occurring, further details will be provided next week.

Unfortunately, I have had to take a stand on all of the negative comments on the stricter water restrictions. If people are not abiding by the water restrictions they will be fined, this is an unfortunate situation that we are in and if we do not get heavy rain by Christmas we may run out of water which will have an adverse effect on everyone.

There have been a number of concerns raised on Facebook and I want to address a few of these:

Are Council watering our parks at night? Yes, we are watering Drummond Park, Heritage Park and part of Dalton Park, I think that the community needs to take into account that when visitors drive into town they comment on what a beautiful town it is, Council have completely cut watering on a number of parks, but the parks that are being watered are being monitored. 

Another concern is in regards to the price of water, this is because the cost of getting water to Cobar and processing it is absorbed by the Cobar Water Board who must then pass the cost on to Council, the water cost is a decision of the Cobar Water Board. I agree that our water is one of the dearest, but this is because we have to pay maintenance for the pipeline and electricity on top of our water usage, this contract was made before I came to Cobar, people of Cobar used to have to go to the railway station and collect their water, I am sure that ratepayers would not want to do that again, I believe that this decision was made in the best interest of Cobar.

If people have concerns about water rates and costings come and see our staff and they will inform you of how and what the costings are or alternatively when the fees and charges are made please come and have your say at the public meeting or via written response.

I must congratulate the people of Cobar who are abiding by the stricter water restrictions, our water usage levels have almost halved in the last fortnight as a result of the stricter restrictions, so great job everyone.

If you have any concerns about the water restrictions, please come and see me and I will ensure that the appropriate staff are there to help address your concerns and help. 

I believe that it is now time we all stick together and just hope that the rain comes and we can go back to our normal lives.

The Newey got some much needed water in it from our little bit of rain and the little turtles will have more water to swim in, one night there were so many of the turtles on Ward Oval, which was a lovely site.

Have a great week and let's hope that we get a lot of rain.

Lilliane Brady OAM