Week Commencing Monday, 18 February 2019

Last Tuesday, we held the annual general meeting of Cobar Liquor Accord, with Linda Carter being re-elected to the Chairperson position, Demi Smith being re- elected as Deputy Chairperson and Peter Vlatko being re- elected as Secretariat all were elected unopposed. The Accord also updated their rules, adopted the constitution as presented and have resolved to apply for funding under the Liquor and Gaming grants for security training in Cobar.

Council held a meeting with Peak regarding the comments in the paper and we also discussed their future water usage. Peak have assured us that a public meeting will be held so the community can have their say on the future exploration and the Review of Environmental Factors (REF).

I must take this opportunity to commend the residents of Cobar for abiding by the current tighter water restrictions, we have significantly reduced the consumption for the summer period. Some residents have complained, but most people agree the longer we can keep our businesses and town going (if there is no rain) the happier the residents of Cobar will be.

A Councillor Workshop was held on Thursday, which was rather an interesting and fulfilling meeting, of course, water was one of the main topics.

On Friday night, on Prime News I was rather disgusted to see that the seat for election in Orange received $27 million for a water pipeline. Cobar has been contributing royalties to the government for years, we are suffering from one of the worst droughts and our water situation is critical and at this point in time, we have been totally ignored. Perhaps, the present Government are not interested in winning the seat of Barwon.

I intend to write to the Minister for Water today and just remind him of a few facts.

I have been attending the Cobar Hospital three times a day AT 6am, 2pm and 8pm for IV drips, I don’t know if the residents of Cobar realise just how wonderful the Doctors and nursing staff are in our own little hospital. They welcome you, look after you and laugh with you. I feel one day, we should have a day just to celebrate them and to fundraise for whatever we need, the hospital staff are the back bone of our community.

Keep up the good work with the water, who knows what the government may come up with between now and the 1st of March.

Have a great week and let's hope that we get a lot of rain.

Lilliane Brady OAM