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Road Conditions

Weather conditions in Cobar Shire can change suddenly.  Road conditions and closures can change regularly.  To check current road conditions within Cobar Shire Council please click the link below. 

Cobar Shire Council appeals to all drivers planning to travel within the Cobar Shire area to assist in preventing damage to the unsealed roads by choosing an alternative route or waiting until drier conditions prevail when wet weather occurs.  Flagrant and irresponsible disregard for this appeal could lead to prosecution to the full extent of the law. 

Please ensure to check surrounding Road Condition Reports as our unsealed road network connects with other Shires.

Bourke Shire Council

Bogan Shire Council

Central Darling Shire Council

Carrathool Shire Council

Lachlan Shire Council

See also Transport NSW for up to date conditions.

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Rural Roads Advisory Committee 

The Rural Roads Advisory Committee was established in order to provide a forum for ratepayers, in particular rural property owners, to communicate with Council's Senior Staff and Councillors in regard to Council's road network.

There are usually 4 meetings of the committee held annually, generally on the first Wednesday of the month commencing February on a quarterly basis, with the locations rotating around the shire.  The purpose of this rotation is to ensure that all rural property owners have the opportunity of attending one committee meeting in their locality.  It also gives rural property owners the opportunity to travel on rural roads in other parts of the shire to attend the meetings.

Copies of previous minutes for these meetings are available by accessing the below links.

To obtain copies of minutes prior to 2011 please contact Council's Engineering Services Department on (02) 6836 5888.



 Month  Date  Meeting Location  Minutes
 February  7  Mount Hope Minutes
 May  2  Berangabah - Ivanhoe  Minutes
 August  1  Tilpa Minutes
 November  22  Cobar

 Month  Date  Meeting Location  Minutes
 February  14  Mount Hope Minutes
 May  3  Berangabah - Ivanhoe Minutes
 August  2  Tilpa Minutes
 November  8  Mulya Station - Louth Road Minutes

 Month  Date  Meeting Location  Minutes
 February  3  Mount Hope Minutes
 May  4  Berangabah - Ivanhoe Minutes
 August  3  Tilpa Minutes
 November  24  Cobar Minutes 

 Month  Date  Meeting Location  Minutes
 February  4  Mount Hope  Minutes
 May  6  Berangabah - Ivanhoe  Minutes
 August  5  Tilpa  Minutes
 November  26  Cobar  Minutes

 Month  Date  Meeting Location  Minutes
 February  5  Mount Hope  Minutes
 May  7  Berangabah - Ivanhoe  Minutes
 August  6  Tilpa  Minutes
 November  5  Cobar  Minutes

State Highways

Rest Areas

Cobar Shire is in the western Region of NSW. It is bounded to the North by Bourke Shire, in the South by Carrathool Shire, the west by Central Darling Shire and the East by Bogan Shire. Cobar has two highways passing through it, the Kidman Way and the Barrier Highway.

The Kidman Way is named in honour of Sir Sidney Kidman, who was an Australian cattle king who owned a large number of cattle stations along its way. In the Cobar Shire the Kidman Way comes from the Bourke end of the shire and goes down towards Griffith and beyond.

The Barrier Highway begins at Nyngan and goes west through Cobar Shire and heads towards Broken Hill and beyond.

There are seven main rest areas within our shire all strategically placed to eliminate driver fatigue. We encourage all our road users to stop at these well serviced rest areas and take a much needed break from our vast roads. Our rest areas include:

  • Florida Rest Area which is located 45km east of Cobar on the Barrier Highway. The Florida Rest Area has a serviced hybrid toilet, water tanks and covered tables and chairs.
  • Cornish Rest Area which is located at the eastern edge of Cobar on the Barrier Highway. It is set with the backdrop of the big Cobar sign on the ‘Slag Dump”. Cornish Rest Area has serviced toilets as well as tables and chairs.
  • Heavy Vehicle Inspection Bay and Rest Area is located at the western side of Cobar on the Barrier Highway. It is also has serviced toilets.
  • The Meadow Glen Rest Area is located 65km west of Cobar on the Barrier Highway. The Meadow Glen Rest Area has a serviced hybrid toilet, water tanks and tables and chairs.
  • Bulla Park Rest Area is also located on the Barrier Highway, slightly further west at 110km from Cobar. Bulla Park Rest Area has covered tables and chairs aswell as water tanks.
  • Gilgunnia Rest Area is located 110km south of Cobar on the Kidman Way. Gilgunnia Rest Area has serviced toilet, table and chairs and water tanks.
  • Lilyvale Rest Area is located 95km west of Cobar on the Barrier Highway. Lilyvale Rest Area has serviced toilets, covered table and chairs and water tanks.

All of our rest areas are clean, tidy and have plenty of room with lovely shaded areas.

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 meadow Glen  CSC HW8 Lillyvale Rest Area 4 9 14 014  CSC HW8 Lillyvale Rest Area 4 9 14 002