Planning & Development
 Cobar Local Environment Plan 2012 (LEP)

Planning & Development 

The Council's planning & development duties involve a wide range of functions ranging from:

  • Strategic planning
  • Preparaton and administration of local environemtal plans and development control plans
  • Assessing development applications and issuing development consents
  • Issuing compying development certificates and construction certificates
  • Issuing approvals for the connection of premises to water supplies and sewerage systems
  • Issuing approvals for a wide range of activities as delegated by various Acts and Regulations.

Refer to Planning & Environment's 'Applications & Forms' section of the website to download applications for building work or development approval.

Cobar Local Environmental Plan 2012

Cobar Local Environmental Plan 2012 (Cobar LEP 2012) is the statutory planning instrument that establishes what forms of development and land use are permissible and/or prohibited on all land within the Cobar Shire Council local government area.

The Cobar LEP 2012 consists of both a written instrument and a series of maps and includes:

  • General land use zoning (e.g. zones for residential, business, open space, etc)
  • Permissibility of development within a zone
  • Land use definitions
  • Heritage items and their conservation
  • General information to be included with certain types of development applications.

The Cobar LEP 2012 is a legal document that is approved by the Minister for Planning and subsequently published on the NSW legislation website. The Cobar LEP 2012 was published on 3 August 2012 and may be subject to future amendments.

The Cobar LEP 2012 is available for viewing at the Council Adminsitration Office, 36 Linsley St, Cobar or may be accessed on the NSW Legislation website.

Persons may apply to Cobar Shire Council for a s149 Planning Certificate under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to confirm the applications of Cobar LEP 2012 to a particular area of land.