electoral commission

Cobar Shire Council will hold a by-election on Saturday, 26 February to vote in one new councillor.

All residents who are enrolled to vote must do so.

Read the information sheet to find out how to vote, or how to nominate yourself for the upcoming by-election.

Nominations close Thursday, 27 January 2022.

You can also visit Elections NSW for additional information.


Needing something to do these summer holidays? Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool has you covered.

With plenty of activities for all members of the family the 'Pool' is the perfect place to cool off durinig those hot summer days.

Kids activities get underway Wednesday, 22 December with volley ball and pool games. There is also a Senior's Table Tennis competition, an outdoor movie night and plenty more happening throughout December and January.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with all that's happening.

election list

Residents are advised due to not receiving enough nominations, this weekend's Local Government Election in Cobar Shire has been cancelled.

Council received 11 nominations, two short of what was required to hold the election.

Those 11 nominees to the new council include:

  • Janine Lea-Barrett
  • Lillian Simpson
  • Kain Neale
  • Kate Winders
  • Robert Sinclair
  • Peter Abbott
  • Harley Toomey
  • Jarrod Marsden
  • Tony Chaplain
  • Julie Payne
  • Peter Maxwell

The one remaining position on the 12-member council will be determined in a by-election in 2022.

youth council committee

Cobar Shire Council's General Manager Peter Vlatko has welcomed in the members of Cobar's new-look Youth Council who are eagerly looking forward to getting down to business in 2022.

The Youth Council consist of:

  • Joey Neale - Communications Officer
  • Todd Polack - Secretary
  • Amara Bottom - President
  • Maddie Chaplain - Treasurer
  • Ashley Cousins -Vice President

Congratulations to Cobar's newly elected members, and all the best for your coming term.

Cobar Shire Council has teamed up with Compliance Officers from Regional Ranger Services to assist Council with tackling a range of compliance and enforcement issues.

Michael Ryan and Adele Lindley will be primarily responsible for ensuring the amenity of our Shire is maintained by identifying and rectifying issues relating to littering, illegal dumping and water pollution concerns, footpath and road obstructions, parking and traffic control and companion animals, just to name a few.

The pair bring a wealth of experience in the local government compliance space, with a strong focus on animal control and welfare.

They are part of a specialist team working with councils across NSW to help regulate and educate pet owners on the state’s evolving companion animal legislation and can help locals overcome a range of behavioural issues in their canine companions.

A free microchipping day is among one of the initiatives Mr Ryan and Ms Lindley plans to roll out while they are in town.

To discuss how they can help you, contact Council during business hours on (02) 6836 5888.