Quality child care in a home environment

Family Day Care is a Cobar Shire sponsored quality child care service which offers professional and supervised care for children up to 12 years of age in the private homes of approved Family Day Care Carers.

A Family Day Care service is a network of individuals providing child care and developmental activities in their own homes for other people's children.

These services are funded by the Commonwealth Government and are organised and supported by sponsors. Services are managed by Co-ordination Units to provide the highest standards of quality care for children in a secure and stimulating home environment.

Want to Know More About Family Day Care

If you are interested in using Family Day Care, or in becoming a Family Day Care Carer and would like to know more about Family Day Care, contact Far West Family Day Care Service on (02) 6836 1156 or National Family Day Care Council of Australia on 1800 658 699.