Road safety projects

Council has recently received funding from the Australian and NSW Governments as part of the School Zone Infrastructure Sub Program to upgrade the school zones within our community.

The School Zone Infrastructure Sub Program is making it safer for pedestrians on their way to and from school, and when walking within school zones. It is part of the $540 million NSW Federal Road Safety Program.

Council have received funding from round 1 and 2 of this program to deliver the following projects 

Remark of School Zones

All three school zone areas including Woodiwiss Avenue (Cobar High School) Bourke Street (St Johns Primary School) and Blakey Street (Cobar Public School) will be upgraded. This project includes the repaint of the 40km/hr patches, new dragons teeth and a warning line adjacent to pedestrian crossing. This project will improve the traffic flow of buses, cars and pedestrians in this area ensuring safety of all school zones. 

Barton Street Pedestrian Upgrade

This project aims to upgrade the pedestrian crossing at the Cobar Public School. This includes the installation of a centre refuge island. This project will ensure safer school access for teachers and students. 

Barton and Marshall Street Upgrade

This project aim is to upgrade the Cobar school walking route by the installation of pedestrian fencing on the western corner of Barton and Marshall Street. A chicane will be installed to move pedestrians away from the driveway. This project will improve pedestrian and traffic flow safety. 

Maidens Avenue Pedestrian Upgrade

To improve the pedestrian crossing in Maidens Avenue the installation of kerb blisters and a pedestrian island will provide safer access to school students that regularly use this walking route.


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