Shire road upgrades

The Cobar Shire Council is responsible for the maintenance of all sealed and unsealed roads within the shire which includes highways, regional and rural roads. In the Cobar Shire there are two highways that pass through the Barrier and the Kidman Way, both gather a total of 471.84km which is sealed road.  There are 13 regional roads within the shire which total 620km, 320km of that being unsealed roads. Cobar Shire contains 46 rural roads totaling 1630km, only a small part 170km approximately is sealed. 

Cobar Shire Council  work hard to maintain all road networks.

Yathong road gravel resheeting

Yathong road (shire road 12) project includes graveling resheeting 80 kilometers of the road. Gravel is currently being carted and spread with 30kms having been spread to date


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