Economic Action Plan

Council’s economic activities are guided by the Economic Action Plan. This was adopted in 2017 after extensive community consultation and outlines the priorities for economic development in the Shire.

Download PDF Econominc Action Plan HERE

Economic Taskforce

The Taskforce has been established for the purpose of advising Council on economic development matters and to identify processes and projects that will assist in broadening and improving the economic base of Cobar Shire.

The Taskforce meets regularly and makes recommendations that are presented to the following Council meeting. The community is encouraged to discuss issues with the Taskforce that they would like considered, or for feedback on the activities of the Taskforce.

The members of the Taskforce are:

  • •   Chair - Clr Janine Lea-Barrett;
    •    Heath Budd;
    •    Kirk Grogan;
    •    John Stingemore;
    •    John Dineen;
    •    Lilliane Simpson;
    •    Heather Christie;
    •    Michael Prince;
    •    Jill Prince.

The key objectives and activities of the Taskforce are:

•    To provide expertise to develop and implement Council’s Economic Action Plan
•    To identify strategies to achieve the nominated outcomes in that Plan
•    To identify ways that Council can assist business development generally in the Shire
•    To identify opportunities to encourage business development, regional co-operation and private/Government sector participation in economic development that benefits the Shire
•    To lobby other levels of government to remove barriers restricting economic development in Cobar Shire
•    To determine if further marketing materials are required to promote Cobar Shire as a place to do business.

Council will from time to time call for additional or replacement members.