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Water Restrictions

To view the current water restrictions applied to Cobar, Euabalong, Euabalong West and Nymagee, please visit Council’s latest news section of its website. 

Where Does Cobar's Water Supply Come From?

Cobar Shire Council receives a bulk water supply from WaterNSW. Cobar’s raw water comes from Burrendong Dam via the Macquarie River and Albert Priest Channel, plus the ground catchment area around the Cobar storages. Water from the Macquarie River is diverted at Warren via a 73km open channel (The Albert Priest Channel) to the Nyngan Weir Pools. From here it is delivered by Cobar Water Board, it is pumped via a pipeline 130km to the Fort Bourke Hill filtration plant where it is either pumped out to the storages as raw water or filtered for potable uses around town.

As you can see, Cobar’s water travels a long distance and is a precious resource that needs to be used carefully.

Euabalong village is supplied with non potable water which is pumped directly from the Lachlan River or ground tanks. Mt Hope and Nymagee use water from groundwater storages and potable water is trucked into both villages on an ‘as-needs’ basis. 

Cobar's Annual Allocation

Cobar has an allocation of 1,850 megalitres of water a year. 

How Much Water Do You Use?

There are two ways of determining your water usage:

  • Look at your water bill and divide the average daily consumption figure by the number of people living in your house on a regular basis.
  • Regularly read your water meter. It reads from left to right with black digits showing the kilolitres (1,000 litres) and red digits showing the single litres used. Record the number on your meter at the same time each day to work out how much water your household is using. Divide this by the number of people in the house and this will give you your average usage per person per day