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Road Safety

“Start the day with road safety. It is everyone’s responsibility”

Cobar Shire Council’s Engineering department plays an active role alongside the Roads & Maritime Service (RMS) to deliver safer roads, improve roadside environments and work to reduce the incidence and severity of casualties in the area. In addition, Council continuously works with Local Emergency responders and community groups and stakeholders to monitor, develop, and implement practical solutions to help reduce road incidents. The safe road initiatives that are implemented are identified in the NSW Road Safety Strategy 2012-2022.

This approach takes a holistic view of the road transport system and the interactions among the key components of that system;

Road Accidents

In the Cobar Shire region, most reported road accidents are caused by wildlife colliding with vehicles. This includes feral pests and wandering livestock which range from pigs, goats, kangaroos, emus, sheep, and cattle. There is a high percentage of these animals as the shire exists on the eastern edge of the outback which is surrounded mostly by farmland and national parks. As grass is usually high alongside the roads, this causes animals to graze and sometimes go unnoticed. Please click here for information on traveling safely with Animals on Country Roads.

Road safety information and resources