General Information

a print Airport Offical Opening on the runway 13Cobar Regional Airport is located 5km southwest of Cobars Town Centre. It is currently owned, operated and maintained by Cobar Shire Council. The Airport has operated since the mid 1960's. The first plane to land in Cobar was actually in 1924 at Dalton Park which is now the location of the Racecourse.

The Airport provides an efficient access option for the substantial mining industry, also providing access to NSW Health Services and the general population.

Cobar Regional Airport has recently been upgraded with funding from Restart NSW Fund Resources for Regions. This included reconstruction of the pavement to allow larger aircraft to land and a new lighting system that is CASA compliant.  Pictured left at the Official Opening of the Cobar Regional Airport Upgrade is Past Director of Engineering Services, Errol George, Past General Manager, Gary Woodman, Hon Kevin Humphries MP and Mayor Lilliane Brady OAM. (photo credit: Cobar Weekly)

 Cobar Regional Airport is an approved non-precision GPS assisted Airport.

Obstacle limitation surface dimensions co-ordinates are:


ARP E 385509 N 6510115 RL 216.677

Runway 05/23

airportCode 3 Non-precision

ARP E 385509 N 6510115 RL 216.677. 

05 Threshold

E 384876.525 N 6509740.131 RL 213.750

 23 Threshold

E 386110.602 N6510625.547 RL 219.148

Runway 17/35

Code 2 Non-instrument runway

17 Threshold

E 385594.996 N 6510131.666 RL 217.020

 23 Threshold

E 385680.569 N 6509236.329 RL 217.620

Runway, Taxiway and Lighting

The main strip has an operational length of 1520m, and is 30m wide. There is an additional 210m that is sealed. The Cross Strip is also sealed and has an additional length of 900m, and is 24m wide. There is an additional 100m that has been stabilised and sealed. The operational limits are 800m for landing and 500m for take off. 
There is one (1) Taxiway which provide sealed access to the main runway and cross strip.
Lighting is installed with 60m spacing and complies with CASA regulations.

Application for Pavement Concession

To apply for a pavement concession complete this form and forward it to the Director of Engineering Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 02 6836 5888 for more information.


Other Facilities and Services

AIRPORT: 0408 649 003

Refuelling facilities are currently operated by Aerorefuellers. Avgas and Jet A1 are available onsite. Afterhours refuelling is available by phoning the Airport number. If this number is unresponsive please call 0400 755 027.  (Call out charges only apply on weekends, and between 4pm and 7am weekdays).

Cobar Regional Airport offers land leasing arrangments for Hangars. Please contact the Engineering Support Manager on 02 6836 5888 for more information.

There is a terminal building with toilets and tea and coffee making facilities.

Car parking is available free of charge to all Airport users. Passengers utilising the car park are reminded that their vehicles are left at their own risk and council will not accept any claims occurring from damage or theft from vehicles.

For travel to and from Cobar Regional Airport taxi services are available. Please visit the Taxi section of our website.


Fees and Charges

Click here to access Cobar Regional Airports Fees and Charges.